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Data on 48,000 companies — business descriptions, financial statements, ratios, multiples, comparables, company healths, earnings analyses, analyst estimates, and real-time news
Data on 10,000 individuals — insider transactions, career biographies, transaction histories, and holdings
Data on 11,000 institutions — performances, strategies, transaction histories, and holdings
Free for students and educators
Everything in Basic plus...
Data on 180,000 options — real-time options flow alerts, options flow, options chains, quotes, and greeks
Data on 24 countries’ macroeconomies — economic output, business activities, employment, inflation, and central bank policies
Microsoft Excel plugin — instantly build discounted cash flow models with auto-filled values and import all fundamental financial data into Excel
Everything in Personal plus...
Data on 3,500,000 bonds — issue information, coupon information, credit ratings, and yield curves
Data on 3,000 commodities and commodity futures — price histories, options chains, and options Greeks
Data on 2,000 currency pairs — price histories
Everything in Premium plus...
Centralized account management and billing — create and manage employee accounts from Admin
Single sign-on integrated with existing corporate authentication solutions
Shareable note-taking — annotate financial statements and share with team members
Dedicated support representative with 24/7 real-time support worldwide
Invitations to capital introduction events with top endowments, pensions, and family offices
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