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Take your investment analysis to the next level with real-time data on 48,000 companies, 180,000 options, 11,000 institutions, 10,000 individuals, and more. Sign up for early access with just your email.
Discover your next great trade.
Access 100,000 insider trades in real time, so you can buy and sell when management does. Discover 11,000 top-performing funds’ trades, so you can apply their best ideas for yourself. Access live financial news from 30,000 sources, so you can effortlessly discover what’s moving markets. Get instant options flow alerts, so you can trade the most profitable patterns the second they appear. Screen through 48,000 companies with 131 factors, so you can instantly find what you’re looking for. With Feather, opportunity is seconds away.
Analyze every opportunity. Never trade blind again.
Compare 48,000 companies’ multiples to identify value instantly. Analyze how their margins, growth rates, and returns on capital have evolved since IPO to pinpoint the highest-quality opportunities. Explore 192,000 income statements, cash flows, and balance sheets to understand companies’ financials. Learn earnings events’ impacts on stock performance to prepare yourself for earnings season. Discover the upside Wall Street analysts expect to inform your analysis. Examine options data to discover the most profitable opportunities. With 1.1 billion fundamental datapoints, you’ll never starve for information again.
Start at square two.
Find top-performing funds’ best-returning holdings to buy for yourself. Explore 100,000 market-moving trades in real time, so you can get ahead of Wall Street. View live options flow to instantly find untapped opportunities. Analyze 480 macroeconomic datapoints across 24 countries, so you know exactly where you’re investing. Outperformance has never been easier.
Unlimited power. Unlimited potential.
Analyze 3,500,000 corporate, municipal, agency, and Treasury bonds to optimize your fixed-income trading. Explore 32 countries’ yield curves to understand the economic environment where you’re investing. Discover 3,000 commodity and commodity futures prices to get the edge you need for outperformance. Track 2,000 currency pairs in real time to take your forex trading to the next level. Finally, a data platform that can keep up with your advanced needs.
Your questions. Answered.
Find out how Feather can improve your investment performance. Learn when you can get access. Explore the data available on our platform. Meet the team behind Feather. And so much more.
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Save 95 percent versus alternatives. Talk about value.
Great data shouldn’t cost $25,000 per year. Now, it doesn’t. Feather provides all the financial data you need to boost your investment performance, starting at only $39 per month. That’s over 95 percent less than any alternative.
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