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How can Feather improve my investment performance?

Feather allows you to instantly discover, analyze, and identify the market’s best investment opportunities.

For example, you can find a company whose management bought millions of its own stock, then explore its expected revenue and net income growth. After comparing the company’s valuation to its peers, you see it trades at less than half their multiples. A combination of management conviction, sturdy financials, and reversion to the valuation mean suggest 147 percent upside. With Feather, you can capitalize on it — within seconds.

What data does Feather have?


Real-time news moving markets.


Data on 48,000 companies in 24 countries.

Quotes, business descriptions, industry classifications, institutional shareholders, index memberships, leadership teams, key financials, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, ratios (eg. returns on capital, margins, 5-year revenue CAGRs, etc.), multiples (eg. enterprise value/LTM revenue, price/LTM earnings per share, price/NTM earnings per share, etc.), comparable financials, comparable multiples, company healths, earnings analyses, analyst coverage, analyst estimates, analyst consensus financial estimates, and real-time news.


Data on 180,000 options.

Options flow alerts, options flow, options chains, quotes, and Greeks.


Data on 3,500,000 bonds.

Quotes, issue information, coupon information, credit ratings, and government yield curves.


Data on 3,000 commodities and commodity futures.

Quotes, price histories, options chains, options quotes, and options Greeks.


Data on 2,000 currency pairs.

Quotes and price histories.


Data on 10,000 individuals.

Insider transactions list, career biographies, transaction histories, and current holdings.


Data on 11,000 institutions.

Top-performing funds list, strategies, leadership teams, transaction histories, and current holdings.


Data on 24 countries.

Country summaries, gross domestic products (GDP), gross national products (GNP), consumer spendings, retail sales, home sales, industrial productions, construction spendings, home buildings, employments, unemployment claims, unemployment rates, consumer price indexes, producer price indexes, M1 money supplies, M2 money supplies, and benchmark treasury yields.


Screen 48,000 companies with 131 factors.

Factors based on stock quotes, financials, ratios, multiples, company healths, analyst coverage, and analyst ratings.

Does Feather cover international equities?

Yes, we have data on equities in 24 countries.

When can I start using Feather?

Feather will launch in Q1 2023.

Early access will begin in December 2022. You can reserve your spot for early access by signing up here — we need just your email.

Can I try out Feather for free before I buy?


You can try out Feather free for 1 month before you sign up for our monthly plan — no credit card required.

Is there a way to get a discount on Feather?


You can get 6 months of Feather free by referring 5 friends. When they sign up, you’ll automatically get your credit.

Who are the people behind Feather?

Feather is founded by a group of experienced investors, operators, and developers.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Ash Rai, previously founded a long-only, value-oriented investment firm out of his dorm room at Vanderbilt University. Ash led the firm to capitalization by high-net-worth individuals while consistently generating strong performance. As an investor, Ash recognized the need for reliable, affordable financial data and founded Feather to scratch his own itch. While still in high school, Ash built Hurricane Harvey Rescue, an “Uber-for-rescue” web app which allowed trapped individuals during one of Houston’s worst natural disasters to seek aid, ultimately saving over 100 lives.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Higgins, joined Feather full-time after graduating from the University of Oregon with a Computer Science degree. While an undergraduate at Oregon, Patrick researched and developed cybersecurity systems at the PhD level, ultimately contributing to pioneering malware detection and counter-attack systems in institutional use today.

Our team is advised by leaders and board members of the world’s most prestigious investment firms, banks, and financial institutions.
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